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Do you work with and care about students?

Not just ones who look like you?
Not just the ones who love like you?
Not just the ones who talk like you?

What are you willing to do to ensure that the students who are most likely to be misunderstood and marginalized are surrounded by adults who make them feel understood, nurtured, inspired, and supported?

Join us as we have conversations with people who inspire us with their stories and advice for people who are looking for even more ways to be a catalyst for change by disrupting patterns of inequity in our schools.


Nancy Burns
Jacki Brickman

Nancy and Jacki’s passion for equity is a result of teaching in North Minneapolis and continuing to partner with schools to meet the needs of students in marginalized groups through equitable classroom level leadership and systems-level support. They are determined to disrupt systemic patterns of inequity and injustice by giving a voice to people who will speak up.